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Our annual fall youth retreat

What does Fall Retreat mean to us?

We have been asked what is Fall Retreat or what does Fall Retreat mean to us.  It we were to reduce this weekend into 5 simple components; it would read like this…
All of our planning and preparations are centered around students…
Deliberately encountering God in a defining and personal way: we have designed, prepared and scheduled everything with the express intent (current attendees and/or new to student ministry) to understand and see the Lord for themselves.  We have a theme in which we express this message through biblical text (in services; group discussions, devotions, etc.). It is our desire to challenge each and every student to know Christ for themselves; understand His love and desire to be in relationship. We also want to spur those who have relationship with Him to deepen their connection with God into living a life that echoes biblical Godly character.

Unplugging from normal life (school/home/friends); getting away for a retreat is important. We believe it sometimes takes a break from normal life to allow and position students to open themselves up to God and others.

A chance to meet and make completely new friends: the right relationships can enhance this journey we call life. We want to give our students this chance plus seeing their peers pursuing God for themselves inspires each and everyone to do the same.

Competitions: We begin the weekend with team spirit which holds and grows throughout the 48 hours.  Students typically compete with other team mates in games; outdoor and inservice activities. There is acting, skits and elements planned to pull out the competitive nature which in turn breaks down walls for students of this age. Additionally competitions assist in making new friends and creating long lasting memories. 

Having Fun: We planned a whole schedule around connecting, building and having fun.  In today’s technology driven world; we want to not focus on that, but on old school fun.  This is one of our goals.
I hope this helps shed some light on the upcoming weekend.  Please check out our social media sites on Facebook, Instagram and twitter. (@sevenstudentsfl or /sevenstudentsfl). We’ve posted imaging showcasing a faces from a few students' perspective of what Fall Retreat means to them.
Retreat Location: Lake Aurora in the Lake Wales, Central, FL.
(Roughly 90 minutes away)

Retreat Activities: Powerful worship music, impactful messages, boat rides, giant swing and zip line, optional paintball, there is a game room with pool; fooz-ball, cabin time with friends; free time, etc. 
Last but not least; we will meet at the Bridgeway church on Friday, November 10th; load buses and drive toward Lake Aurora.  We begin that night; have a full day Saturday, November 11th; sleep in separate guys and girls cabins with chaperones, awaken for a short morning Sunday, November 12th and then return by the end of 3rd service at Bridgeway.  



For more information; call us at 813-907-1313 or email us at seven@bridgeway.tv. Sign up today; spots will fill quickly!


Seven is the weekly gathering of the Bridgeway Church Student Ministry. We’re dedicated to providing a place for students to connect with God, with other students, and with older committed leaders that are dedicated to seeing students grow closer to Christ.

We want to engage and reach youth culture, so no matter what your background is, Bridgeway Church provides an environment each week for students to meet Christ and grow closer to Him.

Any students in 6th-12th grades may attend Seven.


Seven meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Seven Student Ministries meets inside our Bridgeway Church main auditorium.

We are on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Stay up to date and follow us today.

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