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current sermon series

For your ease and access, we have provided endless plays of our recent messages at Bridgeway Church.  Sometimes listening to something again sticks better than the first time.  You have our permission to listen, re-listen and share with someone else to follow the same process.  Happy listening!

  • awake, awake

    "Sleeping Giants" - Pastor Micah Billingsley

  • GRACE - WEEK 4

    "The Strength of Grace" - Pastor Joel Eason

  • GRACE - WEEK 3

    "Grace For Their Path" - Pastor Joel Eason

  • GRACE - WEEK 2

    "Enough Grace For Your Path" - Pastor Joel Eason

  • GRACE - WEEK 1

    "To Me....For Us" - Pastor Joel Eason

  • 2017 EASTER


    This Easter, Senior Pastor Joel Eason delivers an amazing message called "The Most Interesting Man Ever." Watch as Pastor Joel walks us through scripture and identifies the awesome effects Jesus Christ and His Gospel have had on our world long after He paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and His resurrection.