Our story

In October of 2000, Joel and Carolee Eason moved from Dallas, Texas to New Tampa to start a church that would be different than the traditional church. Bridgeway Church was going to be focused on reaching people who were not yet engaged in a relationship with Jesus.


That following January, Joel began meeting with a group of 12 individuals in a home Bible study. From within this group came the base for launching the new church. On April 15, 2001, Bridgeway Church held its first public service at Benito Middle School. We remained in Benito Middle School until God moved us to the New Tampa YMCA in April of 2007.  We were blessed to be in the YMCA and experience tremendous growth from April 2007 until June 2012.  At this time, we moved into our current location in the Wesley Chapel area.  From our inception, people have been coming and getting involved in Bridgeway and lives are regularly being touched and changed. Today our church has grown to a place that several hundred people and families call "home."

The main thing that makes the growth of Bridgeway so much fun to be a part of is the opportunity to meet incredible people. Our church is made up of a very diverse mosaic of people from all backgrounds, ages and races. Each week we continue to see new people and families join us, and it is the highlight of what our church does. Meeting great people and seeing God work in their lives is what we are all about. We are passionate about seeing "another life changed.”  We want to invite you to join us this Sunday to see for yourself all the exciting things God is doing at Bridgeway. It would be an honor to meet you, and we're certain you'll enjoy spending the morning with us.